POLY-AS Waterproofing System

01 Summary

This waterproofing system combines turbo seal, a flexible and adhesive non-curing polymer gel with a high performance protective turbo sheet

대한민국 10대 신기술, 조달우수제품, 환경표지인증

01 Key features and effects
  • Can be applied in damp conditions
  • Self-healing/sealing ability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Shortens construction period
  • Application can be done in cold weather
01 Areas of application
  • Applications include the following types of waterproofing:
    Horizontal positive side waterproofing, vertical positive side waterproofing
  • Areas of application include:
    Plaza decks, Elevator Pits, Poured wall foundations, Block wall foundations, Brick wall foundations,
    Granite/limestone foundations, Split slab construction, Green roofs, IRMA roofs
01 Procedure
1. Surface Preparation

Clean and remove any foreign materials on the surface

2. Apply turbo seal

Using toothed trowel, apply turbo seal

3. Turbo sheet installation

Sheet overlaps should be 10cm(±1cm)

4. Protection Board Installation

(ex polypropylene board)