Leak Repairing System

Disaster prevention new technology 44-1

01 Summary

This Leak Repairing System is for restoring the damaged waterproofing layer and blocking leaks by injecting self adhesive and flexible Turbo Seal through drilled injection holes.


01 Key features and effects
  • Application effective in presence of leaking water
  • No excavation or break-up of concrete needed
  • Produce no waste products
  • Easy maintenance and cost effective
  • Effective in many different types of areas
01 Areas of application

Tunnels, Underground Garages, Water Tanks, Septic Tanks, Concrete Reinforced Levies, Subway tunnels
Shrinkage Cracks, Moving Joints, Pipe Penetrations, Settlement Cracks, Construction Joints, Joints in Precast Concrete, Segments, Expansion Joints