Green Roof Waterproofing System

New Technology No. 560

01 Summary

The composite waterproofing system for green roofs which combines an adhesive and flexible waterproofing materials, Eco-Seal and Eco Root barrier sheet(made of copper) which keeps structures safe from plant root penetration


01 Key features and effects

Eco Seal

  • Laitance removal is unnecessary
  • Can be applied in damp/wet conditions
  • Self-healing/sealing ability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Shortens construction period (no curing time required)
  • Application can be done in cold weather

Eco Sheet (Root barrier sheet)

  • Made of 99.9% pure copper, excellent surface hardness prevents root penetration
  • Sheet overlaps are treated with copper tape keeping the integrity of the membrane
  • Excellent corrosion resistant and antibacterial
  • Easy tailoring and installation
01 Areas of application

Any above garden (roofs of general structures), any vegetated areas in or above structures including top slab of underground parking lot, below grade structure