Blind Side Waterproofing

Patent No. 10-0930421

01 Summary

A blindside waterproofing system is applied directly to the soil retention system substantially reducing the area of a site that needs to be disturbed or excavated


01 Key features and effects
  • Can be applied in damp conditions
  • Self- healing/sealing ability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Shortens construction period (no curing time)
  • Application can be done in cold weather
01 Procedure
DW시트 시공
1. Install DW Sheet
터보씰 도막
2. Apply turbo seal
DW메쉬 시공
3. Install DW Mesh
보호필름 시공완료
4. Install Protective film
01 Areas of application

Diaphragm walls (blind side) of architectural & civil structures
(Underground road way, subways, utility tunnel, Box type structure, etc)