Diaphragm Wall(Blind Side)

01 Blindside Waterproofing SystemⅡ


A three-component blind-side waterproofing system which integrates a specifically modifed Turboseal, DW(diaphragm wall) Sheet and DW Mesh. This pre-installed waterproofing layer ensures the complete adhesion against the poured concrete establishing the perfect blindside waterproofing system.

Technical Features

  • Uniform and consistent waterpooring performance
  • Maximize the bonding strength between the pre-installed waterproofing layer and the concrete structure
  • Can be applied in presence of foreign materials (concrete reinforcing steels, flat ties etc.)
  • Can be applied to wet substrates/conditions
  • Self-sealing/self-healing ability
  • Easy maintanence
  • Shortens construction period (no curing time)
  • Good performance in low temperature