01 Outline

GTR1000 is a preformed self-adhesive waterproofing membrane which integrates a modified polymer rubber gel with HDPE film. GTR100 is self adhesive and keeps its strong bond to the substrate by simply rolling onto the substrate (No solvents or heat-welding required)

01 Usage

Unexposed positive side waterproofing for civil and architectural concrete structure

01 Feature
  • Excellent waterproofing performance with strong adhesiveness [polymer rubber gel]
  • Actively responds to structural movements [5mm]
  • Minimizing sheet detachment/separation from the substrate due to its strong adhesiveness
  • Stability at high temperature [up to 60℃]
  • Excellent tensile strength and elongation [KS F 4934]
  • Eco Friendly and safety – VOCs 0.002%
  • Self-adhesive at sheet overlaps >> No solvents or heat-welding required