PRE-GTR (Bond Up System)

01 Outline

▣ PRE-GTR Membrane (Trowel grade material)
Pre- GTR Membrane is a trowel grade material which is composed of functional inorganic materials with water-reactive polymers. This create a waterproofing layer that adheres tenaciously to the reinforced concrete slab when it is poured, therefore creating a bond-up waterproofing system that prevents water from traveling between the concrete and the waterproofing layer

▣ PRE-GTR Sheet (A Modified asphalt membrane sheet Class A, Type 1 : for unexposed waterproofing method)
SBS(Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) modified asphalt sheet manufactured in the size of 1m x 10m with the thickness of 2mm

01 Usage

Base slab waterproofing for civil and architectural concrete structure

01 Features
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  • Keeps a strong bond with the reinforced concrete slab when it is poured
  • Good Weathering resistance (UV exposure, humidity, temperature changes etc)of the bond- up waterproofing layer
  • Strong adhesion against concrete even in damp condition
  • Easy application
  • No solvents or primer required
  • Consistent waterproofing performance
01 Schematic Diagram